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Champion's Lead Source Program

In today's celebrity-crazed society, sports figures are cherished, idolized...put on the proverbial pedestal...because of the national and international attention afforded them through various forms of media. Subsequently, these sports figures are hired as "pitch men"; a form of mercenary paid handsomely to represent a company's product or service, but with no real feel or understanding. It amounts to show up, sign autographs, and collect a two hour appearance fee followed by a quick exit. Granted, this form of marketing has its effective place in business today; but how real is the relationship between the athlete and the respective company, its employees, or its products and/or services? Do they really believe in what they are representing?

HomeTeam Equity's Champions represent a new and innovative and educated approach to the integration of sports celebrities into today's business society. Here's how and why. Our Athletes are:

  • Full time consultants of HTE
  • Partners and shareholders of HTE
  • Readily accessible to HTE employees and clients
  • Involved and invested because they believe in HTE

HomeTeam has created a locker room atmosphere through its "Champions Lead Source Program" marketing strategy which is producing a positive "buzz" in the sports celebrity community and the financial service industry. In early June 2005, we began discussions with athletes in Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida. Our athletes have embraced our marketing system and have become even more involved in our company holding a vested interest. Our athletes have introduced our company to various industry leaders, investors, realtors, financial planners, Loan Officers, other mortgage marketing and production companies, builders, developers, equity funds, institutional lenders, hedge funds...and the list goes on. Our first athlete to commit was Hall of Fame hockey great Phil Esposito. Our next athlete, Davey Johnson, boasts two World Series Championships as a player and a Manager. Phil and Davey's commitment to HTE prompted contract signings with the following athletes:, Brian Mogg, Bill Bates, Billy Kratzert, Kevin Butler, Scott Brantley, Chris Parrish, Chris Doering. This exemplary team has already proven their Champion status in their respective sports, and their Founder Athlete status with HomeTeam Equity's business partners and clientele.

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